Mystery Shopping Results and Data Interpretation

Almost everyone is familiar with mystery shopping, but a good mystery shopping program goes far beyond the mystery shop itself. Many businesses value their mystery shopping program only as a way to understand what’s going on at individual locations. Having feedback on which

Mystery Shoppers look like regular customers

Everything you need to know about becoming a Mystery Shopper

Occasionally one of the news programs will run a story on Mystery Shoppers, saying how it’s easy money, quoting three-figure payments and generally making us wonder why Gina Reinhardt bothers with mining when you can get paid to shop. So if it’s not

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, a very special day when Above Benchmark celebrates the women who play an integral role in our business. Our network consists of incredible and accomplished women, from our CEO, to our administration and HR teams, mystery shoppers, clients,

Teamwork is needed to plan and launch a mystery shopping program

How to Successfully Launch a Mystery Shopping Program

We’re often asked how to successfully launch a mystery shopping program. Getting the launch right is just as important as the program design.    Through our mystery shopping programs, Above Benchmark enjoys assisting businesses to develop a deeper understanding of their customers‘ experiences. Our clients are encouraged to take a holistic approach to market research, rather than viewing it as an independent activity.

A mystery shopper holding up money

How much money do Mystery Shoppers make? 

We often get asked, “How much money do Mystery Shoppers make?” The payment for mystery shopping jobs varies and depends on the amount of work involved. Generally, mystery shopping jobs (or secret shopping jobs) pay between $15 and $30. The majority pay around

Mystery Shopping during a pandemic

How Mystery Shopping helps business during the pandemic

Mystery Shopping has long been the gold standard for assessing and building a customer experience strategy in many different types of businesses, from retail to hospitality and even B2B. What you may not have realised is the extent that mystery shopping helps business

Ending the Financial Year on a High Note

It seems like just yesterday we at Above Benchmark were celebrating a new calendar year, with new clients and exciting prospects. Now June sees us preparing for another fresh start: the new financial year. Even in our Mystery Shopping industry, which is already

Planning your Mystery Shopping program

What can you do to make this your company’s year?

What will the new year bring for you? That is a phrase we hear often in January and February, especially this year as everyone is keen to put 2020 behind them. After such bleakness, it’s exciting to think of the months ahead and

Your New Financial Year Resolutions

One of the biggest new marketing trends we identified at Above Benchmark was a focus on customer experiences, rather than customer service. More businesses were recognising that personalised and authentic interactions with their customers created a powerful advantage over their competitors who provided