A mystery shopper holding up money

How much money do Mystery Shoppers make? 

We often get asked, “How much money do Mystery Shoppers make?” The payment for mystery shopping jobs varies and depends on the amount of work involved. Generally, mystery shopping jobs (or secret shopping jobs) pay between $15 and $30, with the majority around $20.

Mystery Shoppers look like regular customers

Everything you need to know about becoming a Mystery Shopper

Occasionally one of the news programs will run a story on Mystery Shoppers, saying how it’s easy money, quoting three-figure payments and generally making us wonder why Gina Reinhardt bothers with mining when you can get paid to shop. So if it’s not

Mystery Shopping during a pandemic

How Mystery Shopping helps business during the pandemic

Mystery Shopping has long been the gold standard for assessing and building a customer experience strategy in many different types of businesses, from retail to hospitality and even B2B.    In response to the global pandemic and ongoing lockdowns, some businesses scaled back

Ending the Financial Year on a High Note

It seems like just yesterday we at Above Benchmark were celebrating a new calendar year, with new clients and exciting prospects. Now June sees us preparing for another fresh start: the new financial year. Even in our Mystery Shopping industry, which is already

Planning your Mystery Shopping program

What can you do to make this your company’s year?

What will the new year bring for you? That is a phrase we hear often in January and February, especially this year as everyone is keen to put 2020 behind them. After such bleakness, it’s exciting to think of the months ahead and

Your New Financial Year Resolutions

Six months ago, as we moved into a new decade, one of the biggest marketing trends we identified at Above Benchmark was a focus on customer experiences, rather than customer service. More and more businesses were recognising that personalised and authentic interactions with

How to Spot a Mystery Shopping Scam

Mystery Shopping is a dynamic, fast-paced and fun industry, which we love. Unfortunately, it also attracts scammers because it’s primarily arranged online, often involves the outlay of money to a third party, and payments are made direct to the shopper’s bank accounts. So

Why You Need Authentic Brand Ambassadors

The key to increasing sales volume is to improve the customer’s experience. It’s impossible for a company to do that without having a strong brand that knows where it’s been, where it wants to go, and how to get there. To achieve that,

Why you need a Mystery Shopping Program before you franchise

Congratulations for thinking about franchising your business, that is the first step. You’re starting with a popular brand that you believe in and want to expand; we’re excited for you and would love to help you achieve your goal! It’s now vital to