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Does your business have unique needs?

With incredibly flexible survey and reporting software the uses and possibilities are endless.
If you aren't quite sure what you need, let's start by asking these key questions.

  • WHO will be taking the survey?

    Whose feedback would you like? Our professional Mystery Shoppers? Your own customers, clients, your database or even your staff? Is this a survey for the public? Whose feedback or opinion matters for your project?

  • WHAT type of feedback do you need?

    Do you want a summary of an experience? Maybe you'd like a better understanding of shopping habits? Perhaps you are after the inside scoop from your competitors for analysis. From employee satisfaction surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, mystery shopping visits, phone calls or website feedback and everything in-between- we need to know what the surveys is measuring.

  • HOW will the survey be delivered?

    How do you plan on delivering your survey? Our surveys are incredible flexible and there are numerous ways they can be accessed. They can be completed online with a personal log-in, sent via email with a web link, accessed via a QR code scanned with a Smartphone, delivered through a newsletter, printed in a magazine, linked with a Facebook ad or you can load up a survey to an iPad or tablet and go door to door or have your staff survey customers or clients for a personalised approach.

  • WHY do you need the feedback?

    Why will this information help you? How to you plan to use the information to grow your business? Knowing what you'd like to do with the results better enables us in the design process.

Now what?

Once you have a better idea of the Who, What, How and Why of a custom project
we can look at the process we'll use to get your project up and running.


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We'll then design everything from survey templates to custom reporting areas.



Insights, results and feedback will be uploaded to your personal reports area for analysis.

Why choose Above Benchmark

What makes Above Benchmark the best choice for your needs?

  • Over a Decade of Experience.

    For over 13 years we've been helping our clients grow. We’ve worked with company owned and franchised businesses of every shape, size and industry.

  • Our Quality is Guaranteed.

    Our reputation is built on trust and quality. We've never missed a deadline or lost a client to a competitor. Be assured, if you aren't happy, we'll fix it. No problem.

  • Survey Design Experts.

    There's survey design and there's expert survey design. We make sure to ask the right questions to get the results you need.

  • We Love a Good Challenge.

    If you think it can't be done or if others have told you no, give our team a go. Our team are a bit like problem solving ninjas.

  • We are Passionate About Our Work.

    At Above Benchmark we love what we do and we want you to love working with us.

  • We Think Outside the Box.

    Actually we think waaaay outside the box. We love to get creative and try new things for our clients.

  • We Provide All-round Solutions.

    A solution doesn't work if it causes a problem in another area. We analyse every element of a project to ensure it's an all-round solution. We guarantee to ask you questions that you haven't considered but now wish you had.

  • We Use Industry Leading Software.

    Our software is powerful, flexible, reliable, secure and easy to use. Our tech team keeps up with trends and ensures we move with technology.

More than just survey software.

We build relationships with our clients and look after them every step of the way. Here's how we do it.

We're Local

We're proud to be an Australian business supporting our local economy.

Full Support

From designing, building and branding your survey, our team is here to make it easy for you & your team.

Custom Reports

Our expert tech team can customise reports with fewer limitations that off the shelf software.

Peace of mind

We're a proud member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association -Asia-Pacific region.

After a brief meeting, Jen and her team understood my needs perfectly. They quickly designed a market research survey aimed directly at the property management industry. With the valuable insights the survey results provided I’m able to better direct my marketing and services to attract the right kinds of clients for my business.

Tamison McFarlane Rental Platform

Above Benchmark are experts in their field! They handled our unique market research project perfectly. They understood our objectives immediately; in fact, their first draft of the survey was so good it only required minor tweaks to then be ready to send out to our clients. Above Benchmark provided some great ideas for better targeting our audience and how we could easily amend our survey to achieve it. We loved the reporting platform; it was informative and incredibly easy for our team to navigate and get the reports they needed. I would definitely recommend Jen and her team at Above Benchmark.

Let's chat about your idea