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If you are looking for a flexible job that fits around your other commitments, then Mystery Shopping could be for you! We have clients all across the country, from retail, to restaurants, chemists and even vet clinics! We are a real company, with real surveys and we are looking for real shoppers to join our team.

We don’t just hire anyone

And we certainly don’t mass-hire everyone who applies, so if you would like to join our team please take a moment to learn a little more about what you can expect from us and what we expect from our mystery shoppers:

You can expect us

We expect our mystery shoppers

We welcome Mystery Shopper applications from around the country

Mystery Shopping provides a casual and flexible income – perfect for Uni students, sales reps, stay at home parents or even retirees.

We’re looking for confident, observant and reliable people to join our team of 3000+ Mystery Shoppers around Australia. If you’d like some more information on what Mystery Shopping is before you apply, feel free to browse the links below.


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Australian Mystery Shoppers Forum

The forum is run by the Mystery Shoppers and for Mystery Shoppers so you’ll find genuine advice and help.


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