Find out how Mystery Shopping can transform your business

What a mystery shopping program really does and how your business can benefit


Be in the know

A Mystery Shopping Evaluation will tell you how your team is performing against your own benchmarks. The results are detailed to explain exactly what happened.


Reward great service

Great customer service will not go unnoticed! You’ll have the ability to recognise and reward your team for providing great service. This will make everyone strive to succeed and get recognised.


Improve loyalty

Customers, clients and members love receiving personalised service and if you offer it, they will thank you with their loyalty.


Increase spending

Happier customers also spend more. If their needs are being met and exceeded it usually leads to spending more money with you instead of your competitors.


Maintain consistency

Mystery Shopping is a great tool for promoting consistency across multiple locations. Every staff member in each location will be working towards the same goal together.


Identify problems

A poor result on a mystery shopping evaluation is a clear opportunity to learn and do better. You now know exactly what to focus on and how. Poor results actioned correctly will grow and strengthen your business.

We can get you started with a Mystery Shopping program in just 4 easy steps.

Step 1


Understanding your needs and industry is the first important step.

Step 2


We’ll then expertly design your survey and reporting platform.

Step 3


Our skilled team of Mystery Shoppers will conduct your surveys.

Step 4


We’ll compile the results and upload them to your reporting area.

What makes Above Benchmark the best choice for your Mystery Shopping needs?

Expert Survey Design

We make sure to ask the right questions to get the results you need, while considering what is fair to your staff and realistic for our shoppers.

Industry Leading Software

Our software is powerful, flexible, reliable, secure and easy to use. Our tech team keeps up with trends and ensures we move with technology.

Our Job Board is Confidential

Your details, objectives and monthly scenarios are all well protected and confidential if you join our team. You certainly don’t want your competitors or the general public stumbling on to your agenda and service guidelines which is why we go to great lengths to protect it for you.

Every Survey Passes Our Test

Our Quality Control Team is based here in Australia and are experts at what they do. They read and analyse every report to ensure its an accurate and detailed account before your staff see it.

We Make It Easy

We know how busy you are so we make reporting easy, automate the delivery and plan out the entire calendar year so you can get on with it and leave the rest to us.

Over 2 Decades of Experience

For over 21 years we’ve been helping our clients grow. We’ve worked with company owned and franchised businesses of every shape, size and industry.

We Choose Every Shopper

Every shopper for every survey is hand chosen by our expert Scheduling Team. Registered shoppers have to apply for surveys and we choose who is the best candidate according to your needs. We also have a strict stand-down period to ensure shopper rotation so you have fresh faces and feedback.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Satisfaction is not enough, we want our clients to be delighted with our services. Our reputation is built on trust and quality. Be assured, if you aren’t happy, we’ll fix it. Not a problem.

A successful Mystery Shopping program needs a few good teams.

To move forward we need to get 4 teams on the same page. We’ll make sure your goals are fair to your team and that our solution is fair to our Mystery Shopping team.



We’ll help identify your needs, what you want to achieve and what you’ve already tried. We’re here to help you figure it out.


Your team

We’ll then ask; is the project fair to your team? Are they going to love and support it? We want your team on board!



Can our admin and scheduling teams successfully pull the project together? Can we deliver exceptional value?


Our team

Is this achievable for our Mystery Shoppers? Is the shopper payment fair for the expectations? How can we attract the best shoppers for your project?

Just some of the industries we can help

From retail, hospitality, beauty, entertainment, health services and everything in-between, there isn’t an industry we can’t design a solution for.

What our clients say