Above Benchmark Mystery Shopping
August 3, 2022

Mystery Shopping Program – Results and Data Interpretation

Almost everyone is familiar with mystery shopping, but a good mystery shopping program goes far beyond the mystery shop itself. Many businesses value their mystery shopping program only as a way to understand what’s going on at individual locations. Having feedback on which locations perform well and which ones need improvement is great, but a mystery shopping program has a far greater reach. 

Every month at Above Benchmark, we carefully analyse the results once all the mystery shops are collected and collated. In addition to our in-depth analysis and interpretation, we provide clients with unparalleled insight. 

Our clients with a regular monthly program can receive monthly, quarterly, annual, EOFY, and mid-year reviews, with clear and detailed trending data across the reporting period.  Our reflections enable us to assist our clients in creating routinely excellent customer service and accomplishing their most ambitious goals.

The Above Benchmark team has over twenty years of experience in identifying patterns. We also relate these patterns back to how we can improve the customer service experience. In that time, our resources have grown so that we can provide clients with the best software and most detailed views. Certainly, top and bottom scoring locations should be included in any review, but we also dig deeper. 

Some examples of feedback we provide are: 

  • Do some locations score better with a certain type of enquiry and, if so, why? 
  • Where are the flashpoints and to what extent do they affect your company? 
  • Using question correlation, we can tell which questions will correlate higher with the overall score or a specific KPI. 
  • What are the biggest factors that improve customer satisfaction?
  • What style of survey questions generate a positive response and improve employee engagement and understanding? 

Since our mystery shop instructions remove as many variables as possible, the results are more comparable and informative than any other type of market research. 

While our reporting platform is big, powerful and the best in the industry, we strive to make it user-friendly. Reports are custom-built for each client. We use heat-mapping on all the graphs so our clients can see how they’re going with just a glance.

If you’d like to learn more about our Mystery Shopping Programs and powerful, yet easy to use reporting software, please contact us for a no-obligation chat. 

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