August 24, 2020

Your New Financial Year Resolutions

Six months ago, as we moved into a new decade, one of the biggest marketing trends we identified at Above Benchmark was a focus on customer experiences, rather than customer service. More and more businesses were recognising that personalised and authentic interactions with their customers created a powerful advantage over their competitors who provided forgettable service. However, no one anticipated Covid-19 and its massive blow to the economy with the necessary restrictions and enforced social distancing. Rather than feeling excited about 2020 and its new trends, a lot of people just wished the year to be over already so we could restart. 


While EOFY might just be the end of the financial year, we should definitely view it as a turning point for 2020; a chance to both adapt and reset. We continually seek to help our clients with this. Most of our clients have added Covid-19 related questions to their Mystery Shopping and Customer Satisfaction surveys and we will also assist with data interpretation and patterning around these focus areas. This will help them adapt and grow in the “new normal.” 


Even without considering the monumental changes to the retail and service industries, the new financial year has always been a great time to reflect and notice gaps in your knowledge of the business. Mystery Shopping and Customer Satisfaction programs are the best way to help you not only answer those questions, but identify unexplored areas. That is why July and August are typically our busiest months for survey design as we try to help as many new clients as possible achieve a deeper understanding of their business. 


Here are just a few New Financial Year Resolutions for 20-21 with which we can help:  


1. Get a better understanding of your customer’s perspective 

Are you filling a need or creating an experience? If it’s the former, great, you have a product or service that people need, but not much leverage against competitors. We can provide you with your customer’s perspective so you can better understand those who do return and those who don’t. 


2. Create a WOW factor

All customer experiences should be valued and enjoyable, but there should be a clear difference between your online or takeaway experience and your in-store/dine-in experience. Let us help identify your in-person WOW factor. 


3. Embrace Change  

Stores and restaurants have had to implement certain hygiene and social distancing requirements. Let us help you keep on track of those changes and perfect them because it looks like they’re here to stay for a while. Heck, the ways stores and restaurants handle these changes could even become a reason customers prefer your business to others! 


At Above Benchmark, we admit to being marketing nerds so we are excited about the new challenges coming up and the developing patterns. We see the new financial year as a time to use the new normal to create even better customer experiences. Contact us to see how we can help you realise your New Financial Year Resolutions.


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