August 13, 2020

Why You Need Authentic Brand Ambassadors

The key to increasing sales volume is to improve the customer’s experience. It’s impossible for a company to do that without having a strong brand that knows where it’s been, where it wants to go, and how to get there. To achieve that, you need your employees to be authentic brand ambassadors. From the retail floor or reception staff to the regional managers, everyone should be authentically connected and committed to the brand.


Previously a brand ambassador referred to a person hired by a company to promote their brand. However, this term has now been adapted to include any employee of a company as marketing professionals have realised the immense, and often untapped, power of a truly engaged employee who loves the brand for which they work and want others to love it too. When your employee is the ambassador they believe in the brand, defend it and care about its reputation


The new customer’s experience of your brand may begin with an advertisement they see on television or on Facebook, that plants the seed of your brand and gets them in. Whilst your marketing team would have a solid understanding of your brand and implement it effectively, it doesn’t end there.


The experience then continues in store, where everyone who has had a hand in the construction, design, and display must also have been engaged with the brand. If one person in the chain thinks “that’s good enough” they are not an authentic brand ambassador, unless one of your core values is “that’s good enough.”


Perhaps the most ‘frontline’ version of employee as brand ambassador is the staff who actually interact with the customer or client. They are the ones who are able to have the most impact on the customer. You want this person to have identified with your brand at such an innate level that their own personality has become part of the brand objective. Lorna Jane has done this brilliantly and with credibility; you usually can’t see where the staff member’s personality ends and the brand begins. Authentic brand ambassadors don’t have to “sell”, their enthusiasm for the brand is so natural it’s what closes the sale without effort.


Find out if you have brand ambassadors on your team by implementing Mystery Shopping and Customer Satisfaction programs. Discover who among you deserves praise and who would benefit from more engagement. Also, ask your employees their opinion. We’ve done it at Above Benchmark. We identified that we have true brand ambassadors working with us by asking them to answer a short survey about their relationship with our company. We were stunned and thrilled by the results! Take the plunge and identify your authentic brand ambassadors.

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