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July 21, 2020

How to get customers to take your Feedback Survey

It’s already well established that if your business relies on consumers, you need to be surveying them to ensure they are happy and will return… often! Customer Satisfaction Surveys enable you to tap into your greatest source of learning: your current customers. Not only will you find out what your customers think of you, you will discover how to make them loyal, increase sales, and how likely they are to recommend you via the Net Promoter Score.

We understand that some businesses are wary of starting a Customer Satisfaction Program because they are concerned the submission rate will be low and, therefore, neither reliable nor actionable. However don’t dismiss this fabulous service because you think you might not get much feedback. Follow our tips below and give it a go.


So, how do you get more customers to take your Customer Satisfaction survey?

Here are our top 7 tips:

  1. Ask your customers – Teach your Team Members to actually ask customers to give feedback. This could be at the register in a retail store, or when a customer is paying for their meal in a restaurant. Choose a moment during the customer’s journey where it makes the most sense. 


The most effective way to get feedback is to actually ask your customers. At the point of sale, your Team Members should be pointing out the survey link on the customer’s receipt and asking them to fill it in, giving them a reason, such as an incentive or to improve their next experience.


  1. Keep it simple – The world is a lot busier now and shoppers have a thousand things vying for their attention. You want your survey to be as easy and immediate as possible before… “Oh look, a shiny penny!” Above Benchmark’s reporting platform was custom designed with mobile submissions in mind and is the perfect option for all types of consumer surveys, from Customer Satisfaction to Mystery Shopping.


  1. Be concise – You can get a lot of feedback in a relatively small space when your survey is expertly designed by a team who, guided by your KPIs and targets, can select the right questions to maximise learning capabilities and promote sales growth. Choose the right questions, get the answers you need to make decisions.


  1. Provide an incentive – This can be as simple as making your customer feel important or as tangible as a voucher for $2 off their next purchase. While we have found offering discounts does work very well, if you don’t want to go that way, don’t write off a genuine thank you for feedback. Customers love the interaction with businesses, to feel valued and like they have a voice; it’s why review sites and Facebook business pages are so popular.


  1. Phrasing is key – If your survey invitation is being sent out to your customer base via email, the wording is very important. You want the subject to be memorable and unique, and your content to be straightforward. Most importantly, it needs to be spam-filter proof by avoiding trigger phrases like “free” and “you have been selected”. Use attractive words and phrases, like “elite”, “easy” and “no obligation”.


  1. Personalise it – Customers love to feel important, like they are not just another sale, so address the survey to them. “Your opinion matters…”, “We want to hear from you…” and “We care about you…”


  1. Ask again – If you don’t receive a response from customers, ask again. This is particularly successful when the survey is emailed to the customer as you have a point of contact.  


Customer Satisfaction Surveys don’t just identify potential problems, they tell you what you’re doing well. Celebrating excellent feedback with your team is fantastic! Compliments do wonders for team pride and culture.


These are just some of the many ways you can increase the survey submission rate. However, the best way to help your customer satisfaction program run smoothly is to outsource it to the experts. At Above Benchmark, we are here to help our clients optimise their programs.


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