Virtual Easter Eggs

Improving customer loyalty is critical to the success of a business. From providing excellent service, delivering a unique experience or clever marketing messages, it’s all about building a connection. If you haven’t already, go and Google Jaycar Electronics (open another tab so you don’t lose this page), then type “Outatime.” Seriously, I’ll wait.


Back? You’re welcome. The Internet is packed with these hidden gems that are commonly referred to as Easter Eggs; not your delicious treat, but still delightful and a clever marketing tool. When potential customers find these Easter Eggs they can go viral and boost a website’s traffic and, in turn, increase sales. I asked you to Google the company instead of providing the link because, with such a clever hook, Jaycar deserves their Google ranking to increase. As an 80s kid, I was delighted with this search result; when I think electronics now, I’ll think Jaycar.


It’s fun to try and find more surprising search results. Google is perhaps the most famous for putting these types of “Easter Eggs” on their pages. Put <blink> in the Google search bar and press enter. Then there’s the dinosaur game on Google Chrome for when your wifi is down, just press the spacebar to get him started.



This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s out there, but where would the fun be in my listing everything? Just like an Easter Egg hunt, it’s up to you to find them. 


Take action

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