The Mystery Shopper’s Survival Kit

It’s not trekking through Nepal or conquering the outback, but Mystery Shopping does require effort and you need a certain number of supplies to get you through a busy day of professional customering in the wilds of suburbia. Sure, you’ve got the notebook, the phone, and the survey forms, but we know there are other useful things Mystery Shoppers could have too. Here’s what we suggest:

Mystery Shopper Survival Kit


  1. Money –

You don’t want to be stuck in the wilderness without cash. Imagine having gone through an entire mystery shopping scenario only to get to the register for the all important purchase only to be told “Our EFTPOS is down.” Prepare and carry cash.


  1. Compass –

Failing that, Google Maps or Siri on your phone will do in a pinch. It’s helpful to know the way to your next assignment.


  1. A companion –

Actually, Siri or Google Assistant would suffice here too. A little ‘pick-me-up’ message of “you’re doing great! Remember those names!” throughout the day would be very encouraging.


  1. Generator –

Don’t let your phone’s battery die on you, take a portable phone charger everywhere. Not only do you need your phone for GPS, last minute checks, the time, and notes, you want to be able to accept last minute assignments. It’s the unicorn of mystery shopping to be in exactly the right place when you’re offered a last minute job with a bonus; don’t have a dead battery!


  1. Comfortable shoes –

Shopping centre trails can be hard to navigate in heels. Wear comfy shoes. If you’re shopping an upmarket brand by all means pack some stylish footwear to change into.


  1. Transport –

Parking lots can be tough. A 4WD is best to get over those parking lot speed bumps.


  1. Rations –

By rations we mean chocolate. Enough said. Afternoons require energy boosts. Just be sure to wipe your hands before handling receipts.


  1. Pest Repellant –

Pests can really ruin a good trip. In the case of shopping trips, we mean the kiosk hawkers who try to catch your attention as you scramble past to your next assignment. We find a steely glare works well.


So next time you’re embarking on a Mystery Shopping adventure, pack these essential items and make sure you’re well prepared.