Stop the press!

Hang on a sec.

Why does a Mystery Shopping company have a news page?


Great question! Especially for a company who already has a blog.  We’re incredibly proud of our blog articles and work hard to fight the right balance of up to date information that can be digested easily. We have about a year’s worth of blogs planned and in the pipeline. However as any professional blogger will know, blogging takes time. They take careful planning, writing, editing, hunting for the perfect images and analysing the headline, all before you can hit the publish button. No wonder so many companies don’t blog or outsource it entirely.

So if regular blogging is so time-consuming, why on earth would we want the added pressure of having a NEWS page? Well, to be honest, we do cope well under pressure and we step up to a challenge. Our intentions are to communicate more regularly with our followers. Although sometimes we want to share company updates and behind the scenes snapshots about what we get up to at the office. These updates (which may or may not be of interest to anyone) don’t really belong in a blog. Hence, our News page was born!

Our team strongly believes the motto “Real People, Real Results” and we’re proud (and a little excited and nervous) about sharing more of these insights about our company, our team and our culture with the public.

The Mystery Shopping industry is exciting but it’s a bit of a secret. While we have thousands of expert Mystery Shoppers on our team, they are a little hesitant to like our Facebook page and interact with us on Social Media. (Why would they? Mystery Shoppers are like Superheroes, they have to remain anonymous to protect their identity.) Our clients are mostly corporate businesses or busy entrepreneurs. They’re certainly not spending their days on Social Media.

For over 16 years we’ve been providing Mystery Shopping services to Australian businesses. Surprisingly, some of our family and friends still don’t really know or understand what we do. We’re pretty sure that by now they’re probably too embarrassed to ask. (No, Mystery Shopping is not where we put a group of people on a bus and take them shopping at secret locations, although that does sound fun.) While Mystery Shopping is our core service, we do a lot more than that. Apparently, we just don’t talk about it enough. (According to the friends and family who understand what we do)

The underlining message in all of our services is helping our clients to connect with their customers so they can build their business. We help them to improve their service to increase their sales. Boom. That’s it. We have several services we customise to help our clients achieve those outcomes. The key is communication, education and having the right culture.  We’re putting a twist on our own advice and will be improving our communication to raise awareness for what we do so we can help more businesses grow.

At Above Benchmark we believe business is personal and you do business with people you like and trust. To like and trust us, you have to know who we are.

So with that, I’d like to say a great big WELCOME to our News page where we hope to show you more of who we are, what we do and why we do it.

We look forward to sharing our story and updates with you!

Jen Wells
and the team at
Above Benchmark