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Isn’t it ironic? Mystery Shoppers are part of a super-exciting industry, but one that can’t be talked about!

While it would be great to be able to share stories of your Mystery Shopping adventures with friends and family, the best shoppers know they must protect their identity and not make a name for themselves as a Mystery Shopper.  So who can you talk to? Share ideas with? Learn from? Fellow shoppers of course!

If you are interested in learning more about our industry and cyber-chatting with other shoppers from around the country- head over to the Australian Mystery Shoppers Forum and see what’s been happening behind the scenes this week in the wonderful world of Mystery Shopping. Share your stories, mistakes and tips with other shoppers and learn from theirs as well.

Keep in mind, all discussions should be generalised and client names are not permitted in posts; your Mystery Shopping results are still confidential and all care should be taken to protect the clients and team members being surveyed.

Click here to visit the Australian Mystery Shopper Forum.