Our forced Facebook fresh start

Firstly, we would love to share the exciting news that we have a new Facebook business page!  It’s been over 2 weeks since Facebook unpublished our previous page and they haven’t replied to our appeal. We just didn’t want to wait any longer, so we’ve made a fresh start with our new page called Above Benchmark Australia. 

We did some investigating after Facebook unpublished our original page and discovered it was because of a job we posted using their new Jobs feature. We’ve used Facebook’s Job feature before and had great success recruiting Mystery Shoppers all across the country. The job we posted was identical to other job postings we’ve used previously, the only difference was the location. One month we may need Mystery Shoppers on the Gold Coast and the next month we need more Mystery Shoppers in Kalgoorlie WA. It makes sense to use a template instead of reinventing the wheel every time, so we were shocked when they said we didn’t follow the policy. 


We put extensive time into writing crystal clear job descriptions for ‘Facebook Jobs’ and the other employment platforms we use to advertise. Our job postings are above board and meet the guidelines of every platform we advertise on, including Facebooks. We read the Facebook Job Policy and guarantee our job complied in every way.


So why did they reject the job posting and unpublish the page? 

Sadly, we don’t actually know, but we do know they are targeting the Mystery Shopping industry. Several other Mystery Shopping providers had ‘Jobs’ rejected, their pages unpublished and others have been banned from even paid ads. Facebook won’t even take their money for a paid advertising campaign. 

While Facebook makes the rules, including choosing entire industries to ban, we’ll start again and take on board a few things this experience has taught us:

1. Don’t rely on a free platform

2. Life (and business) isn’t always fair

And… most importantly: 

3. The Mystery Shopping industry needs rebranding 

We will discuss the third point in more detail in our next article. 

In the meantime, please like or follow our new Facebook business page and keep in touch. Every interaction with our page and our posts help us build back our community and reputation. If you know any of our team personally or have done business with us, we encourage you to give us a recommendation, which helps tell Facebook and the public that we’re a legitimate business.