Two Weeks in December

There are some people who get their Christmas shopping out of the way even before the stores have unpacked their garlands, #lifegoals. Then there are the ones who still count as “early Christmas shoppers”, getting in and out of the shopping centres before the craziness starts. When shoppers start seeing advertisements for “Last minute gift ideas” that’s when it’s panic stations: the hunt for a parking spot; trolley jams; snaking queues; staff on the verge of tears; etc. Who would submit themselves to that? Certainly not our Mystery Shoppers, whose work is mostly wrapped up before the partridge is settling in its pear tree. 


The majority of our clients deliberately focus their Mystery Shopping programs on the first two weeks of December. This ensures that they can close off the year with valuable festive season feedback and look towards Boxing Day and New Year sales. Many of our clients make “Customer Service Awards” part of their Christmas parties or end of year celebrations. Mystery Shopping generally starts up again once the frenzy has settled.


At Above Benchmark, we also prefer to have everything finalised for the year so we’re not sending Mystery Shoppers into overly busy stores or cafes/restaurants. It would be unfair to compare those visits to ones performed during quieter periods. After all, the aim of mystery shopping should always be to catch Team Members doing the right thing and to celebrate that; it’s not about setting unachievable standards. 


We also don’t want our Mystery Shoppers to be unduly stressed over this time. It shouldn’t take half an hour to get service or get to the register. Compacting the month means our wonderful field team can have their work out of the way in the first two weeks of December.


Given that Above Benchmark is the fastest paying mystery shopping provider in Australia, our Mystery Shoppers who have sent in their paperwork will also have their payments in the bank by the time we wrap up. They may even be lucky enough to be assigned one of our many surveys with an allowance, making the credit card a little less exhausted. Grandpa’s shirt, Rover’s squeeze toy, a colleague’s perfume, Sunday brunch, etc.? All courtesy of Above Benchmark. What’s not to love about that?