How to lose a customer without doing business with them

This morning I attended a special Remembrance Day Service at my children’s school in honour of ANZAC Day tomorrow. It was a lovely service with over 1000 people filling the gym. Our band played beautifully and the School Leaders did a brilliant job of delivering the service. I must admit I had a tear in my eye when my daughter recited the ANZAC Ode.


After the service, parents were chatting about how they would be spending ANZAC Day. There was confusion around if shops and restaurants would be open and if they were, who would apply a Public Holiday surcharge.


Over the years we’ve seen Public Holiday trading restrictions relaxed and clearly we’re a little confused. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever for businesses to keep customers up to date and manage this themselves.


If you haven’t given much thought to trading hours and assume everyone knows when you’re open, consider implementing our quick tips and keep your customers informed.


How To Keep Customers Up To Date:


  1. Have one person in your business responsible for trading hours and contact info
  2. Keep a spreadsheet of your actual trading hours, addresses and phone numbers
  3. Keep a list of all the sites you advertise this information (your website, Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  4. Start by checking everything is correct and update where necessary
  5. If you adjust trading hours for Public Holidays, Stocktake, a Cyclone etc, update your listings and use social media to keep customers in the loop
  6. If you trade on Public Holidays and apply a surcharge, notify customers as early as possible. (No surprises at the register!)


Outdated listings, disconnected phone numbers and being closed when your website says you’re open are possibly some of the fastest ways to lose a customer without even serving them. Of course if you’re closed you’ll lose the sale you might have made had you been open, but poor communication about your trading hours and any surcharges you apply runs the risk of losing customers for good.


You want your customers to have a great experience with your business. Think of Facebook, your website or even Google Business listing as their first point of contact. Make sure it’s a good one.


If this article has reminded you to update your listings, or you have another tip to share with our readers, please leave me a comment.  


Take action

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