Gone, but Not Forgotten!

This week we saw Belinda, our scheduling whiz, move to Newcastle to be closer to her family. The move happened a little earlier than planned due to some last minute blocks that fell into place for her. While a regular workplace would be scrambling, at Above Benchmark we were delighted to help facilitate this seachange and even more delighted to retain Belinda in her current position. That’s the beauty of working remotely, you just slide into your role wherever you are. 

We were sad to see Belinda go, but only because it meant no more coffee catch ups and face-to-face meetings. She continues to be an integral part of Above Benchmark and her duties will remain the same. The only change will be our envy at her morning trips to the beach… and daylight savings. We will continue to manage projects through video conferencing and the numerous specialised apps that have allowed our team to work remotely over the last decade.

What’s important is our team’s quality of life and their sense of fulfilment in their positions at Above Benchmark. We want a happy team and working remotely is just one of the ways in which we achieve this.

Enjoy your new home, Belinda! We will see you in the “office” on Monday.