Every Company Needs Sneezers

At Above Benchmark we love sneezers and have a lot of them working with us. No, we don’t mean people prone to hayfever. We mean the sneezers who, just like an impending sneeze, can’t hold back their need to promote you. Sneezers, as we generally know the term, are to be avoided. If one sits behind you in the cinema, you would shudder and contemplate moving seats. In marketing terms a sneezer is your freeway billboard. Actually, that doesn’t do a sneezer’s role justice; they are far more effective than the outdated billboard. Anyone could be a sneezer, but not everyone is.


Some people like a product but don’t feel the need to share it with everybody. A sneezer feels compelled to share their brand “germ” with as many people as possible, they can’t help but do it. It’s the guy in I.T. who told you how awesome his new iPhone was. The poster on Facebook community group who told everyone about her new Thermomix. They need to convert others to what they see as a desirable product or service.

In its first marketing incarnation, a sneezer referred to a person of influence and credibility, like a talkback radio host or magazine contributor. It was someone who adopted a brand, could generate excitement, and had the ability to reach a lot of people. With Social Media, anyone can have immediate access to a wide audience, all they have to do is add a hashtag on a Twitter post (#sneezersftw), or post on a particular group page, like Brisbane Mums. Posters are always asking for recommendations for anything and everything, from daycare centres to widescreen TVs. Even garage sale groups have a great following now that Facebook selling has taken off.

Individuals now have great influence, make sure your product and customer service excite people into spreading your name.


Take Action.

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