Meet the team:
At Above Benchmark we are in the Market Research industry, but it’s our fantastic team and their passion and dedication that contribute to our success.  In an industry that focuses heavily on numbers, we put quality before quantity and hire real people to achieve real results.

Real People Real Results

Our Admin Team:
The Above Benchmark Admin Team has combined skills including: entrepreneurial leadership, management expertise, retail experience, undercover security experience, HR Management, former expert Mystery Shoppers, and probably one of the best chocolate-chip cookie makers in the country. In all seriousness, it’s our combined experience and passion for our business that drives us to constantly review, change and improve our systems and policies to continually grow our business and exceed our client’s expectations.

Our Shoppers:
We have an awesome team of shoppers at Above Benchmark. We are an equal opportunity employer and our team of shoppers have diverse backgrounds. We have students, retail experts, police officers, airline stewardesses, demonstrators, merchandisers, CEOs, school teachers and SES volunteers, to name a few. When we hire a new mystery shopper we look at their character, their report writing skills and their reasons for wanting to be a Mystery Shopper. Our shoppers are individual contractors, they aren’t full-time employees and we don’t treat them like numbers; something all too common in our industry. We only hire real people to write real reports.

Our Working Conditions:
Think outside of the office! Creativity, productivity and quality work are best achieved when team members are working in their ideal environment and away from their individual distractions. We offer very flexible working conditions to our Admin and Shopper Teams and we are very supportive of their own working environments and hours. Less travel means greater productivity and not being confined by the four walls of our office allows us to hire people for their skills, not their address.

Communication and Recognition:
We are passionate about clear communication, feedback and recognition for a job well done.  We are easy to contact if a shopper has a question and we are always open to feedback and suggestions from our shoppers as to how we can continually improve our on-line reporting platform to ensure it is user-friendly. We send a thank you to each shopper after submitting their survey and include any positive observations or tips for next time. We process survey payments quickly, within 7 days of a report being submitted, and we have a “Mystery Shopper of the Month” award with Gift Vouchers and various prizes up for grabs.

If you’re interested in joining our Mystery Shopping team click HERE to complete our confidential Mystery Shopper application form.