Great coffee, bad service V/S Good coffee, great service. Who wins?

What’s really important to our customers and how can we increase their loyalty?


In the customer experience sector, we are asked this question regularly. The most commonly misunderstood phenomenon and so easily untangled, if you know the right professionals to ask. There’s a growing number of on-trend businesses out there, all experts in their field. Whether they have amazing Insta-worthy burgers or their own blend of coffee beans, businesses are hungry for loyal customers and brand advocates.


How do you win over these loyal advocates? What’s really important to our customers and how can we increase their loyalty? Is having an exclusive product or secret recipe enough? Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Yes, it’s a great start to get them in the door but if you want them to return and bring their friends it’s going to take a little more effort. Customers connect with a business or a brand, because of how it makes them feel.


Let’s paint the picture…

In one hand, we have an amazing coffee served by a grumpy barista, who can’t even make eye contact while he sets your coffee on the bench instead of handing it to you personally.


In the other hand, we have a pretty good coffee, served by a cheery barista who remembers your name and writes “Have a super day!” on your cup.


Which cafe is leaving the best impression to start your day?  Your morning coffee is a little cup of happiness. Not only does it have to taste good, the experience of purchasing it has to make you feel good. So, what contributes to the feeling?


This all-important feeling is a combination of everything. There’s no quick fix. It starts with cleanliness and presentation, then flows onto the customer service, the product and of course the transaction. Something so small such as inconsistent pricing, less than enthusiastic staff or a chipped cup is enough to spoil an otherwise perfect visit. Every detail about a customer’s visit is critical to them doing business with you again.


Step into the shoes of your customers and walk around your business. What’s on point and what can you improve? Are you giving your customers what they want to keep them coming back for more? Are you making time to connect with them and ensuring they leave with a smile and great overall impression, not just a great tasting coffee?


If you aren’t sure what your customers really want, get out there and ask them! If you can’t actually start up a conversation with your customers, go digital with an electronic market research survey. Empower your customers and ask their feedback, then use their suggestions to give them a better experience.


Your customers know exactly what you need to do to get them to spend more.


Take action

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