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It is a great experience to be served by someone who loves what they do. Whether it’s in a boutique, a doctor’s surgery, a car dealership, etc., we’ve all had that experience where we leave a place of business impressed with how genuine and irresistible the person was. Authentic Brand Ambassadors don’t have to “sell” to you because they have an infectious enthusiasm for what they do so the process is natural. You may be asking how you can possibly create something like that.

Here are just a handful of ways to turn employees into authentic brand ambassadors:


1. Know your brand – You need to know what your brand’s core values are before you can communicate your needs to your employees. A great way to assess if your team are on the save wavelength is to ask them what they think your brand’s core values are


2. Share your “origin story” – Like Spiderman, you have a story to tell (hopefully it’s not being bit by a venomous spider because historically that doesn’t end well). Every employee at Apple, Nokia, Virgin, Above Benchmark, etc. knows where the creator of the business started. Most importantly they know why. A great motive can be very inspiring, especially if you communicate it in such a way that your employees can feel a connection.

Rubber boots

The first thing Nokia manufactured was rubber boots. Every Nokia employee knows that, and other facts about Nokia, that’s part of what makes it a unified brand.


3. Build a Brand Ambassador Program – Begin with a Team Member Feedback Survey, take note of the responses, and actually act on them. Employees love when they feel their feedback is not only valued, but effective. Use a third party to help design and implement the program. That way everything is non-judgmental and confidential. If you do it in-house the responses may be skewed because your team fear their details will be visible and you won’t learn anything.


4. Hire from the source. If you want people who truly love your brand, hire from your Social Media followers. Your job is half done! After all, they are already your fans and know all of your latest moves; take advantage of that!


5. Communication is key. It’s important to keep in touch with your employees. Schedule regular catch-ups, fun meetings, and share updates. An intranet set up within the company helps a team feel unified and always in-the-loop.


It’s important for everyone on your team to be a brand ambassador for your company because they all represent the brand. Your employees are your best asset, so give them the tools to help them become authentic brand ambassadors.

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