Five Ways to Attract Brand Advocates

A brand advocate is someone who appreciates your brand and passes it onto other people. They can extend your advertising reach to help grow your company profile. Brand advocates promote because they want to, which gives them an invaluable credibility amongst their peers.  


Our Top 5 Tips:

1 – Ensure your employees are fully engaged with your brand. Unless your product or service has no competitors – which is rare – you won’t generate advocates without a fulfilling and interactive in-store experience. Authentic Brand Ambassadors help create Brand Advocates.

2 – Give them an incentive. Run a competition on your Social Media pages, encouraging interaction and sharing.

3 – Thank them! Brand advocates aren’t paid to speak highly of you, they do it through Word-of-Mouth because they appreciate your product or service. So when a company shows their thanks by quoting their feedback or responding to their post, it gives them validation.

Brand Advocates

4 – Don’t oversell to them. They’re already a fan of the product/service, so don’t respond to their feedback to advertise something extra or in which they haven’t shown an interest. It’s annoying when you comment favourably on something and then get hit with a hard sell. It comes across as pushy and ungrateful.

If you do wish to cross or upsell to them, try sending them a free sample instead: “We wanted to thank you for your continued support of our brand and hope you enjoy this free sample…”

5 – How easy are you making it for advocates to promote you? Consider a Social Media Reputation Audit. Develop strategies to encourage the flow of communication between your company and your current and potential advocates, then implement them.

Ideally every customer would be a brand advocate. The sad reality is that is not the case. Some people will like your product, but not feel the need to spread the word, whilst others will actively detract from your brand. Find out where your company stands by identifying your Net Promoter Score (NPS). We would love to help with our Customer Satisfaction Survey. Contact us today for more information.


Take action

At Above Benchmark, we’re passionate about helping our clients deliver exceptional service to improve customer loyalty and increase sales. We believe every business needs a customer service benchmark, so employees know what to work towards.

If you’d like to have more loyal customers and increased sales contact us today for a complimentary 30 minute Customer Service Strategy Session.

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