Are you interested in becoming a Mystery Shopper?

If you are looking for a flexible job that fits around your other commitments, then Mystery Shopping could be for you!  We have clients all across the country, from retail, to restaurants, chemists and even vet clinics!  We are a real company, with real surveys and we are looking for real shoppers to join our team.

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We don’t just hire “anyone” and we certainly don’t mass-hire everyone who applies, so if you would like to join our team please take a moment to learn a little more about what you can expect from us and what we expect from our shoppers;

Our shoppers can expect Above Benchmark:

  • to be professional, honest and fair
  • to provide clear and concise instructions
  • to be contactable if you have a question
  • to pay what a job is worth
  • to pay quickly; usually within 7 days
  • to abide by the MSPA Code of Ethics

We expect our shoppers:

  • to be reliable
  • to be great communicators
  • to thoroughly read all info provided
  • to be confident and enthusiastic
  • to be fair to the business being surveyed
  • to be discrete when conducting your survey
  • to keep all results confidential
  • to respect our deadlines and submit on time
  • to be professional and honest
  • to reply promptly if contacted


Here is what some of our expert Mystery Shoppers are saying…

“As a shopper with Above Benchmark, I feel like a valued member of a team, working both to reward excellent service and to improve the service experience for all customers. This is in no small part due to the timely communication and detailed feedback received from the Above Benchmark office, which helps me improve and maintain the quality of the reports I submit. The flexibility of shopping times demonstrates an understanding of the complex life of the professional shopper, while also helping to preserve our anonymity – we might be anyone, anywhere, anytime! Thank you, Above Benchmark, for raising the bar for my mystery shopping experiences!”
Victoria Australia

. . .

“I have worked as a Mystery Shopper for many years and have done hundreds of jobs for the 8 Mystery Shopper Providers that I work for. I am astonished at the differences in integrity that exists between them! Everything I have seen indicates that Jen Wells and the Above Benchmark team treat their clients with great respect, and I can personally vouch for the fact that they treat their shoppers the way that shoppers should be treated. I am often amazed at how quickly reports are proofread and delighted that the staff at Above Benchmark are so approachable if I need to clarify even the smallest detail.  I can only say how happy I am to be a part of the Above Benchmark team. Their standard is high, and that fact makes me want to do my best for them.”
Queensland Australia