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I’m Jen Wells, founder of Above Benchmark.

My career started in the retail industry many years ago and while over the years the companies I worked for changed, I was always passionate about offering great customer service and inspiring my team to deliver exceptional service. We measured and monitored this through various Mystery Shopping programs and while the concept was fantastic, the design, delivery and accuracy of the survey and reports were less than ideal.  I researched the industry and different mystery shopping providers hoping to find something better, but  I came up empty-handed.  There was only one thing left to do; quit my safe retail job and convince my husband that starting a Mystery Shopping company was a great idea.  Quitting was easy, the convincing was a bit of a challenge. I’m happy to report that it’s been almost 17 years and yes, it was a great idea.

I set out on this adventure full of passion and enthusiasm to achieve 5 big goals.

  1. Make a difference to our industry – for the better
  2. Provide exceptional and personalised service to our clients
  3. Become Australia’s favourite Mystery Shopping Provider to work for
  4. Stay ahead of technology, keep up with trends and never stand still
  5. Let our passion and enthusiasm shine through with everything we do

Throughout the years we’ve carved our own customer service culture and we are achieving our goals. We’re passionate about great service and experiences and helping like-minded businesses who want to be a leader in their field. Our core value is to really understand our clients needs and design solutions that work, not necessarily what they think they want,  but what they actually need to get the results they want. We listen and we care and we make a difference to their business.  There are so many options with Mystery Shopping and Customer Satisfaction, we want to simplify these services for our busy clients and deliver solutions that they will love.

At Above Benchmark we LOVE what we do and we’re passionate about helping our clients succeed.